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Readymade Pass The Parcel

Do you want to keep a group of over-excited children calm, happy and occupied for an hour or so? Try treating them all to a few rounds of pass the parcel.

We’ve all played it. It’s one of the most popular games to play with children. Not only do they get to sit in a circle with their friends, chatting and giggling away, but there’s that feeling of excitement as the parcel approaches, there’s party music, and there’s the possibility of a gift at the end if you’re crowned the winner. What’s not to like?

Pass the parcel is the ideal game for groups of both boys and girls. It’s an easy game for the adults to supervise, and if the mood takes you, the adults can get involved too.

Do you want to pick up a readymade parcel for the game? Parties Wrapped Up has everything you could possibly want in the pass the parcel department. We’ve got parcels for the girls and for the boys, among other options, including dinner party parcel games.

Each wrapped layer has a fun gift to find, and we’ve included some fabulous prizes for the winner.