wooden play food cutting boxOne of the things children love to do as their growing up is play games pretending to be grown up. Whether they're playing at being doctors, or “mummies and daddies”, it's something children absolutely love to do. Playing these types of games and using their imaginations can be really helpful in children's development, and learning what to do as they get older. Toys which encourage children to play these games and engage their imaginations are a brilliant idea to give as gifts for birthdays, at Christmas, and even just because. We think our Wooden Play Food Cutting Box is absolutely wonderful, and a great gift to give to help encourage and assist children in using their imagination and playing fun games.


A common gift that children receive as they're growing up is a playhouse. This, to them, is like their own little house and the domain that they're the boss of! Fill it with things like their own little kitchen, complete with tables and chairs and they'll be inviting whatever children they can find over for tea as quick as you like! To complete their game properly, the Wooden Play Food Cutting box is the perfect addition. The toy comes with eight pieces of wooden food (which actually comes apart, to simulate the cutting action!), a wooden chopping board, wooden knife and even a box to store it all in so nothing gets lost. The toy makes a great way to get your children involved when you're cooking dinner, but is also a great way to teach a little bit of maths to your children!


The wood is painted in bright, durable colours so the toy will be visually stimulating for your children to play with, and should last a long time, too! The toy is suitable for children aged three years old and upwards, so children of most ages can play with it. The Wooden Play Food Cutting Box would be the perfect accompaniment to a tea set toy and play kitchen, and we guarantee your children will absolutely love playing with it and exercising their imaginations!


We love toys that encourage children to be creative with what they have, and that help them think for themselves about things and we believe that the food cutting box does exactly that. Not only is it an absolutely fantastic gift that your child will love to play with, it's also something that's really beneficial to them, and will help them learn as they play. It doesn't get better than that!


We hope we've given you a great idea for a gift for children, regardless of the occasion. There's something extra special about giving a gift that you know they'll have fun with, but that's something they can learn from, too! You can find our Wooden Play Food Cutting Box here, for £22.15.