Wedding table decorations

If there's one day of your life that you want to be as perfect as possible, without a doubt it would be your wedding day. The day when all eyes in the room are on you and your special someone, and all the little intricate details that you've put into your special day. Of course, it's highly unlikely that anyone will pay as much attention to your table decorations as you do, but it's always nice to know that you've put in as much effort as possible, and it all adds up to make your day as wonderful as it can possibly be! With that in mind, we've put together some suggestions for some beautiful table decorations, to save you time and some of the leg work!


A great way to set the mood and get the right atmosphere at the tables, especially during the earlier portion of the evening when everyone is still seated and having dinner is to use candles. Silver is a beautiful colour for use in candle holders, both tea lights and regular candles, as it reflects candle light very prettily. The silver colour looks elegant on the table and will add to the décor you already have perfectly! If your candle preference lies with regular stem candles, this Culinary Concepts Five Arm Candelabra would be absolutely perfect for you! Due to its size and the fact this candle holder is arguably quite special, we think it would be perfect for the head table! This stunning candelabra measures 60cm, and holds five candles; you can find it here, for £132.


Although the Culinary Concepts Five arm Candelabra is perfect for use on the head table, tea lights might be better for the other tables. We've got some wonderful tea light candle holders that are equally beautiful, if slightly less majestic. The Culinary Concepts Pebble Tea Light holder is nickel plated and has a hammered finish. It holds one tea light, which is just enough to give off a pretty ambience to the table. You can find the pebble tea light holder here, for £17.15.


Finally for the candle holders, the Culinary Concepts Three Piece Tea Light Holder Set is a beautiful set of tea light holders. It has a hammered finish, similarly to the pebble tea light set. The set varies in size, and look great staggered together, or used separately, so you could use all three on a single table, or spread them out! You can find the set of three tea light holders here, for £36.


Candles are great for creating a lovely ambience, but confetti and table numbers make great decorations, too! Table numbers necessary for helping your guests know where they're supposed to be sitting, and we've got a couple of lovely options that are sure to suit your wedding theme. These Vintage Lace table number (set contains 1-12) are a wonderfully elegant design, perfect for traditionally themed weddings. You can find them here, for £4.20. If you fancy something a little more quirky and unusual, the Vintage Affair vintage style table numbers (also containing 1-12) could be the perfect table number set to look in to. Made of brown Kraft paper, they're an interesting addition to decorations that have the potential to look a little same-y. You can find them here, for £6 a set.


Some people love confetti on their tables, and we think it's a lovely addition to other table decorations that your guests will absolutely love. You don't need to have a specific style of confetti to work, but these Silver Hearts Table Decorations are especially lovely, and fit the type of decorations that people like for weddings brilliantly. They cost just £2.39 for the bottle, and you can find them here. For some simple sparkly dots that will brighten up your table beautifully, these simple decorations (find them here, for £7.20) are absolutely perfect! Finally, for a type of table confetti that's refreshingly different, these coloured retro dots and triangles are absolutely brilliant! They'd be especially good for a retro themed wedding, but they'd also add an extra bit of interest to a traditionally decorated wedding. The retro dots and triangle confetti cost £2.15 for a 14g packet, find them here.


You can find everything we've spoken about by clicking on this link:, and some extra bits that might take your fancy! We hope we've given you some great ideas for wedding table decorations. Happy planning!