Tassle Garland

If we're being entirely honest, some party decorations can seem to be a little bit same-y, can't they? You have your banners, regular balloons, helium balloons, ceiling decoration and things like that, but they're usually pretty similar to everything else you can find on the shelf, and as such lack that special feeling that you want from having a great party to celebrate your special day. Although we pride ourselves on offering our brilliant range of decorations – both standard decorations, and those that are a little bit more unusual – we think our tassle garland is something particularly unique and a just a little bit more special! If you're looking for something a bit different to decorate your party with, read on to find out more!


The Tassle Garland is a pretty and unusual decoration. It's perfect for all types of parties and celebrations, although we think it would be especially good for a wedding reception or hen night party! You can add a bit of fun and a glamourous edge to your party with these pink, white and gold tassles that you can hang absolutely anywhere! Although the traditional garland format is nothing revolutionary, we believe the addition of these pretty tassles on it make it just that little bit different!


This Tassle Garland set comes in at 2.5 metres in length, and comes with twenty tassles in three fun different colours (white, pink and a beautiful metallic gold colour). Due to its length, it would be perfect for not only adding to walls and ceilings to add a bit of extra fun to the room, but would be great for dressing up your dessert tables, or any table that people won't necessarily be sitting at (we don't want the tassles getting ruined!). We think the garland will make a fabulous addition to your party, and just add that extra bit of glam that it might be missing otherwise!


You can find the fabulous tassle garland here, for just £8.40. Happy party planning!