Our Blog this month features The Christmas Stocking and accompanied stocking fillers. This yearly tradition has grown from simple pillowcases filled with fun toys, sweets and oranges to elaborate personalised stockings and handmade Hessian bags filled with special treats and gifts ranging from CD’s, DVD’s, fun toys, stuffed toys and even expensive Jewellery and digital electronics like ipads, ipods and handheld games. 

But where does this tradition originate from? According to Phyllis Siefker author of the book; “Santa Claus,The Origins and Evolution of Saint Nicholas…” The Christmas stocking custom was derived from the Germanic/Scandinavian figure Odin. Children would place their boots, filled with carrots, straw, or sugar, near the chimney for Odin's flying horse, Sleipnir, to eat.  Odin would reward those children for their kindness by replacing Sleipnir's food with gifts or candy. This practice, she claims, survived in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands after the adoption of Christianity and became associated with Saint Nicholas as a result of the process of Christianisation.  Later, children simply used one of their everyday socks and continued this tradition, but today there is large variety of Christmas stockings of different styles and sizes with many parents making their own too. Head over to our Pinterest page to see some of our favourite home-made stockings and bags. 

Whatever your budget or style, the most fun is had in filling each stocking with your children’s favourite treats, games, gifts, fruit or perhaps coal and rocks for the not so lucky?  

Here are some of our favourite picks.  

Home-made Jams, knitted scarfs, hats, socks, hand-made jewellery, baked goods, hand-made sweets, garden plants and grow your own seeds. Promise Vouchers for a day out, back-rub or washing-up perhaps. 

For bought stocking fillers why not include; Traditional jokes and games like puzzles, charades, arts and craft ideas and our range of new and very funny tricks and treats, like grow your own Venus flytraps or rattlesnake eggs perhaps?  

These fun treats and games will keep them entertained for hours on the day and around the Christmas dinner table. But for a Christmas Dinner table that is fun, effortless and child friendly, we recommend our pre-filled party bags and pass the parcels for something a little different, that kids will love.  

Whatever you are planning to fill your stockings with this year, visit our website Parties Wrapped Up for some innovative ideas for the whole family.   Please sign up to our Newsletter for special discounts and up and coming new products. This also gives you a chance to be entered into our COMPETITION to win a FREE Christmas stocking filler bundle of your choice worth £17.95  For details of stocking filler bundles for boys and girls go to http://www.partieswrappedup.co.uk/special-occasions/christmas/stocking-filler-bundles  These “bundles” have been carefully designed based on appropriate age, with a selection of fun and popular toys like, water bombs, dinosaur eggs and rockets for the boys. For the girls; scented bubbles, lipstick pen and glitter fairy tattoos.  (to sign-up to the newsletter by 12th December 2014, simply enter your e-mail address at the bottom of this page)   

In the spirit of Christmas we would like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas filled with joy, peace and good cheer.  

Merry Christmas