Save the date cards are such an important part of the wedding invitation process. Even if you're not too sure of the exact time your wedding will be taking place, but know the date, you can send out your save the date cards to ensure that all the people you want to attend will be there on your special day! We know some people enjoy making their own save the date cards and wedding invitations, but not everyone has the time or inclination to do so. For those people, we've got a couple of  lovely options that will feel just as special as if you'd made them yourself.


An elegantly pretty design is an integral part of save the date cards. You don't necessarily need anything absolutely amazing (save that for the invitations!) but you still want something that'll catch your guests eye, and that you'll feel happy sending out to people. These Somehing in the Air Butterfly design save the date cards are perfect for that. They're simple in design, being set on a white background with a pretty, patterned butterfly image in grey, and grey writing. The cards will make a great thing to send out before sending your invitations with the set details on, and will give your guests just enough information! These butterfly design cards come in packs of ten, with their envelopes and cost £1.74 for the ten. The cards are available here.


Save the date cardsIf the butterfly design save the date cards aren't quite what you're looking for, perhaps the Vintage Affair save the date cards are more like what you're looking for! These cards have a lovely vintage design, and are perfect to send out as save the date cards. These brown cards have a lovely “save the date” logo on them, and offer a little more to look at than the butterfly cards. All you need to add on to them are your names, and the date of your wedding, and send them out! The Vintage Affair save the date cards come in packs of ten with matching envelopes. They cost just £3.85 and you can find them here.


We think both card designs are absolutely gorgeous, and you could even mix and match the two if you don't have a set theme for your wedding! You can find both of our beautiful save the date card sets here, we wish you luck planning your special day and hope you have a wonderful wedding!