paper strawsIf your children are anything like some of the children we know, they're largely unwilling to drink without a straw. It's probably just the novelty of it – which we can completely understand – but for a party, standard straws can be a little bit boring, can't they? Paper straws have seen a bit of a surge in popularity of late, being extremely photogenic due to their pretty patterns, Instagram is full of them!  Paper straws are brilliant for all occasions, but they're especially good for a special occasion such as a party. Whether that's a children's party, or an adult's party!

 We currently stock eleven different varieties of paper straws in lots of fun patters and colours! There's lots and lots of choice, so we're sure we'll have something you will like, that will suit the theme of your party well enough! The straws are a great way to accessorise and jazz up the drinks on your party table; they'd look great with cocktails, or even just a glass of lemonade. The straw colours (too many to describe!) and patterns (from polka dots, chevrons and stripes) are brilliantly fun and retro, and your guests will love them just as much as you do!

The paper straw sets come with twenty five straws per pack, and each pack costs £3, or £3.30. If you can't decide on a design, and we wouldn't blame you at all if you couldn't, you could mix and match the straws, or even pop more than one in each glass. Although all the patterns are great, and you could easily use any of them, there are a few that might be the best for specific themes. Here are some suggestions.

Red Chevron Paper Party Straws – These would be absolutely brilliant over Christmas! It doesn't get much more Christmassy than red and white, does it?

Blue Paper Party Straws,Powder Mint Green Paper Party Straws,Baby Pink Polka Dot Paper Straws, and Yellow Paper Party Straws – the gorgeous pastel colours of these straws make them absolutely perfect to use at baby shower (or baby welcoming) parties. You could use any colour for  either gender, of course, but you've got pink for a girl, blue for a boy, and yellow and green just because!


All of the paper straws are absolutely lovely, and well worth looking into for an easy way to make your drinks table just that little bit more interesting, with next to no effort! All you need to do is take the straw out of the packet, and pop it into the drink. It couldn't be easier!


You can find all the paper straw variations at this link. They have 25 per pack, and cost between £3 and £3.30 – bargain! We hope we've given you some great ideas for easy ways to decorate your party table!