Do your little monsters fancy a monster themed party for their birthday this year, or do you think it'd make a great theme for them? We reckon monsters make a fantastic theme for parties, and we're fairly sure you'll agree when you see the accessories for monster parties that we have! We're all for planning parties with fabulous themes, but we're fully aware that it can be a little time consuming after a while, having to find all the bits that fit, and then put it all together. We think that our Monster Pre-Filled Party Bags are the perfect addition to parties with a monster theme, they go perfectly with the theme you've chosen, and they're quick and simple – all you have to do is take them from the box they come in, and hand them out to your guests at the end of your party.

 Monster pre-filled party bags

Our Monster Pre-Filled Party Bags make the perfect addition to your monster themed party. They're fully monstrous, with a monster themed bag and specially selected contents to pop into the bags that we're sure your little ones will absolutely love! The bags themselves contain a brilliant selection of monster toys, and even some sweet treats for your guests to take away with them at the end of your party! The bags would go brilliantly either with a simple “monster” theme, and even better with a monster dressing up party! We think the theme is brilliant for younger children in general, but would be absolutely perfect for younger boy's parties! 


Although the Monster Themed Pre-Filled Party Bags are great for birthday parties, they would even make a brilliant addition to Halloween parties – or any “scary” parties! You could give these out at the end of a school Halloween disco to your child's friends, or as your guests are leaving at the end of a Halloween party on the day itself.


As with all of our pre-filled party bags, regardless of the theme, these would make brilliant prizes for party games, too! Because they're filled with a brilliant selection of monster themed goodies and a sweet treat or two, kids will love winning these!

We hope we've been able to give you some brilliant ideas for things to add to your monster themed party – and maybe even saved you a bit of time, too! You can find these wonderfully monster filled party bags here, costing £2.37 per bag. They'll make the perfect addition to your party, and we guarantee your guests will love them as much as you and your little one do!