Girls pirate dressing up outfitChildren love to dress up. Whether that’s in their parent’s or older sibling’s clothes, or in dressing up outfits that they’ve got stashed away from Halloween, it seems to be something that they think is brilliant! Unless you go to a dedicated costume shop to buy their dressing up outfits, it’s likely that many little ones do only have their Halloween outfits to dress up in, and they might not always want to look scary! Well, we’ve got some brilliant dressing up outfits on our website, and today we’re going to be telling you about the girl’s pirate dressing up outfit!

There seems to be a perception that pirate outfits can only be for boys, and if they are made for girls, they’re not all that different from the boy’s ones! Well, this Lucy Locket Girls Pirate Dressing Up Outfit certainly changes that! Although the outfit is unmistakeably pirate-y, it’s absolutely adorable and perfect for little girls! The Pirate dress has a lovely white, laced edged satin shirt with a turquoise and gold edged waist coat over the top. The skirt of the dress is bright pink, and made of net but lined with satin underneath! The outfit comes complete with a cute pink headscarf, adorned with a cross bone! The dress also has a stripy apron over the top of the pink skirt! The dressing up outfit is absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for little girls who love dressing up.

The Lucy Locket Girl’s Pirate Dressing Up Outfit is currently available in sizes for four and six year olds, and is machine washable on a delicates wash at forty degrees, so you don’t have to worry about it getting a little bit grubby!

The dressing up outfit makes the perfect outfit for a dressing up themed party, and couldn’t be better for a pirate themed party! Whether your little one is the birthday girl or a guest attending the party, they’ll love their dressing up outfit! Of course, if your little one isn’t big on being a scary creature for Halloween, the pirate outfit would be brilliant for that, too!

We think this cute little dressing up outfit is absolutely great. Children will love it, and you’ll love how happy they look wearing it, too! It makes a fantastic gift if your child enjoys dressing up and pretending to be a new character for the day – think of all the adventures they’ll have as a pirate on the seven seas! Arrrr.

We hope we’ve been able to give you a great new idea for a dressing up outfit for your little one! You can find the pirate outfit in both sizes here, for £36 each.