If your family is anything like most families these days, you’ll struggle finding time to fit some family time in to your hectic lives, and when you’ve found the time, you’re stuck for things to do. Sound familiar? We know how hard it can be finding stuff that everyone will enjoy doing together, so we’ve put together some great ideas for things that will get the whole family involved. You’ll have some great quality time together, and have lots of fun while you’re doing it. It doesn’t get better than that! Not everyone enjoys your standard board games, so we’ve put together some things that are a little bit out of the box, and will get everyone actively involved!

Ministry of Games Family Bingo is a great game to play together as a family. The idea is basically the same as traditional bingo games, with one person being the “bingo caller” and everyone else dotting the numbers on the sheets as they hear them called out. It’s great fun, and really gets everyone involved in the game! The Family Bingo set contains 48 bingo sheets, 48 bingo card numbers and four pencils. This is perfect for great family fun! The set costs £8.64 and is available here.

Dinky dipsticks party games

If bingo isn’t quite your thing and you’d much more prefer to flex your cerebral muscles (if indeed there is such a thing!) while enjoying time with your family, we’ve got you covered there, too! Our Dinky trivia sets are great to play as a family; the trivia is interesting for all, but suitable for children so they won’t feel like the questions or tasks set are too difficult for them. We stock four different varieties of Dinky sets; “Shout it Out”, “Who am I?”, “No! No! Don’t Say It!” and “Luck of the Draw”. Each set has a different set of things to say, do, or answer and are brilliant fun for everyone. The sets each contain 160 sticks, so you’ll have plenty to keep you going during game time. Each set costs £6, and you can find all four of them here.

During games time, it can be fun to just have things kept as a surprise. Our Dinner Party Pass the Parcel surprise games are great fun, not only for dinner parties, but also for playing games as a family. Each of our pass the parcel games comes pre-made with six layers, but this is customisable depending on how many people you’re entertaining – and how long you want the game to go on for! The parcels all contain a main prize, and smaller prizes under each of the layers. Alongside the prizes, each layer contains either a game, a trivia question, a charade, or a different “thing to do” along those lines. Which type of “thing to do” card you get depends on which parcel you choose! The pass the parcel games are a bit out of the ordinary for family games, but that’s why we love them! They’re great fun for everyone. Our pass the parcel games start at just £9.95 for the six layers, and you can find our huge selection of parcels here.