Pass the parcels are a great, fun game to play at parties. We know how long it can take to find all the bits and pieces to include in your pass the parcel games, and also the sheer amount of time it takes to wrap everything up, especially if you're not so good at wrapping!  Because of this, we've taken the time and effort out of preparing pass the parcel games for you, and we've got one in particular to show you today. This is our fun gift pass the parcel – which is our best selling pre-wrapped pass the parcel- , it's a brilliant pre-made pass the parcel game which is suitable for both boys and girls, and is  wrapped up for you and ready to go. All you need to provide is the music!

Fun gift pass the parcelFun Gift pass the parcel contents


As we've mentioned, this particular pass the parcel game is suitable for both boys and girls, and is also suitable for pretty much any age for a children's party! The paper it's wrapped in is unisex, and has a really fun pattern. The pass the parcel game unaltered consists of eight layers, with the main prize, and seven layers of smaller prizes with a bag of Haribo sweets. We know that eight layers might not quite be enough for your party, so you can customise the parcel for up to twenty five layers! The game is a great way to calm kids down after they've been running around playing the more active party games, and the toys included are always things that kids will love, so they'll get even more entertainment out of those! Like all of our pre-wrapped pass the parcel games, the fun gift pass the parcel is made with brilliant, high quality gift wrap paper – the colours are nice and bright so it'll certainly be eye catching, and make a great addition to your child's party.


Our fun gift pass the parcel game costs £12.69 for eight layers, with the option to add layers up to twenty five in total, and is available here. If you are thinking of including a pass the parcel game in your children's party, you really can't go wrong with these – they save you all the time and hassle of putting it together yourself, and you still get all the fun of actually playing the game!