A little bit of fairy magic never goes amiss at a party, does it? Whether you've gone for an overall fairy theme for your little one's party, or just in select places, we think it's a lovely idea! Party bags, or loot bags – whatever you'd prefer to call them – are a great place to inject a little bit of a fairy theme, and we've got some brilliant ideas for how you could put this together. Whether you're after the bits and bobs to put together yourself, or fancy the time saving option of having them put together for you, we've got just the thing.


Fairy Magic Pre-Filled Party BagOur pre-filled party bags are a great way to provide party bags to your guests without spending lots of time sourcing the things that fit your theme to put into them, and then building them yourself. We strive to provide great quality at a brilliant value, and put together something that's great fun for your party guests, without being a hassle to you! With that in mind, our Fairy Magic pre-filled party bags are the perfect option for your party. They come with the party favours packed up nicely in a  beautiful bag, and all you need to do is take them from the box, and hand them to your guests! Included in the Fairy Magic bags are one fairy pencil, a fairy notebook, a fairy tattoo, some fairy dust, a fairy jigsaw and a fruit lolly. This comes packaged in a spotty pink and white bag, ready to go! You can find the Fairy Magic bags here, for £2.83 a bag.


Although we think our pre-filled bags are great for parties, we also understand that some parents prefer putting their own personal touch on the party bags they give out at the end of their little one's parties. Because of this, we also stock a wide range of party bags and small favours that you can put together yourself, in keeping with your theme!


A natural starting point when putting together your own fairy themed party bags would be to select a bag that just says “Fairy!” to you. This is something that's likely to vary depending on what comes to mind when you think of fairies (flowers and sparkles!), but we reckon we've got you covered with our great selection of party bags. You can check out the whole range of bags here, but some of our personal favourites for the fairy theme are these flower patterned bags - link (20 for £2.10), and these beautiful butterfly patterned bags, also £2.10 for 20, available here.


Once you've selected the bag you'd like, all you need to do is add in the fairy themed favours! We've got a brilliant selection of fairy themed favours that will fit perfectly with your theme – prices vary depending on which piece you select, but you can find all of them here. We'd recommend including this beautiful fairy wand (which is just 41p!) so all your guests can feel like fairy princesses!