Culinary Concepts PlattersOne of the best types of parties you can have as an adult is a dinner party – not only do you get a chance to show off your cooking skills, but you get to have brilliant company, in an environment where you can actually hear yourself think (and speak, of course!). Of course, you’ll want to have some great tableware to use as you’re showing off your culinary talents, and we’ve got some great picks that you might be interested in.

Stainless steel platters are the way to go when you’re aiming for stylish serving options, and our offerings will make a brilliant addition to your table, whether you choose to use them to serve your starter, main course or dessert, or even just your canapés. Our stainless steel, ten inch, hammered platter is great for serving canapés on; it costs £47.90 and is available here. Similarly to this, our fourteen inch ciabatta platter, available here for £33.50 is great for serving ciabatta, garlic bread and various other kinds of bread on (it’s even better if they’re home-made!)

For serving your salad to go alongside the wonderful meals you’re cooking, our Vintage Salad Servers will make the perfect addition to your table. They can be used as the pair or individually, and are brilliantly functional as well as looking great on the table. They also come gift boxed, so make a great gift for someone, if you don’t fancy using them yourself! They’re £38.30 for the pair, and are available here. Our Vintage Olive Food Picks are a great addition to your dinner party table, they’re a brilliant, elegant way to serve nibbles to your guests before your starter, or even between courses. Their holder is makes storing them a breeze, and very hygienic, too! They’re available here for £28.69, for a set of seven plus the holder. Our last dinner party addition when it comes to food is our fabulous Culinary Concepts Vintage Cheese cleaver; like the salad servers, it comes gift boxed so would make a fantastic gift as well as a great tool to use yourself. The cheese cleaver makes cutting harder cheese a breeze, so your cheese board will be the very best it can be! The cheese cleaver is available here, for £18.

Of course, the food you serve, and how you serve it, is only part of making your dinner party the best it can be. The drink you serve and the way it’s served makes up a big part of it, too! Our half sized champagne bath with leather handles is a good investment piece to use at future dinner parties to chill your drinks before serving – not only will it keep your drinks nice and cool, but it will look nice to boot! The champagne bath is £167.90, and is available here. Your drink chiller is only half the battle though, you also need some lovely glasses for your guests to drink from – if your dinner party is an especially special occasion, we’d recommend getting a few of our silver plated goblets to make your guests feel extra special. The glasses are absolutely beautiful, and are the perfect way to round off your dinner party! The goblets are £62.30 for two and are available here.