You know how awkward it can be when you’re sat at a table with people you don’t know; speech can be stunted, you rarely make it past conversation about family and jobs, and hours are spent twiddling your thumbs and just staring around awkwardly. Weddings with seating plans for the reception and dinner can be the worst for this sort of situation, especially if you’re seated with people you’ve never met before and can’t think of a single thing you could say to try and break the ice. We’ve put together a couple of brilliant things you can use after dinner and speeches to break the ice, and even a couple of things you can use for when you’ve fully broken through it!


Dinner Party Pass The Parcel Surprise GameWe have designed some very fun pass the parcel style games that would be brilliant for breaking the ice; each layer of the parcel contains a charade, and another game card which varies depending on the parcel you choose, but for example a "Who Am I?" card, as well as a retro sweet; the centre of the parcel contains party poppers and a winner’s medal for the person who wins the most rounds! Our dinner party surprise parcel games start at 6 layers but you can add additional layers to suit the number of guests you are entertaining so you can choose the exact amount of layers so that everyone on the table gets a turn! Our pass the parcels are sure to get the table talking and all that awkwardness will soon be forgotten! 


After the ice at the table has been broken and the music has kicked in a little bit, it might be a good idea to give your guests some games to keep the conversation flowing! Our Spill The Beans or Controversial Conversations card games are also great options to give your guests a bit of a laugh when they aren’t dancing or mingling with the other guests. The box comes with eighty different question cards – the idea is that the question is asked, and everyone gives what they think will be a funny answer. It’s a brilliant activity and will just add to the fun of the party!


Finally, this isn’t a game to play, but is something that will be best for when the music’s on, everyone’s feeling a little more relaxed and comfortable with each other! All you need to do is pop a Photo Booth Party Props set on the table with  disposable camera, and your guests will have plenty to keep them busy; putting on the props and taking pictures which you’ll have great fun looking through when you take the films to be developed. Not only is this a brilliant form of entertainment for your guests, but you’ll also have all those extra memories to add to a photo album to remember your special day.


Hopefully you’ve got some ideas for some great entertainment for your wedding guests now!