How many times have you headed into a wedding, gift and card in hand to congratulate the newlyweds, only to discover you have no idea where everyone’s put their gifts (perhaps there’s a secret plot going on you had no idea about to hide them all and surprise the couple later?) and are left wandering around clutching on to them for the rest of the night, until you stumble upon someone who’s in on the secret and can point you in the right direction? Probably a few times! We doubt there’s really a secret plot going on, but nine times out of ten you can’t tell where the gifts go and you need your hands free to enjoy your evening, don’t you? Well, we have a couple of great products that we think would go a long way to helping you prevent your guests having the same problem! Just make the place where the gifts are being put stand out!


Hessian wedding card and gift sackThe first option by Vintage Affair is a hessian sack (the dimensions are 80x50 cm) with some beautiful lettering printed on it, “cards and gifts for the bride and groom” to let guests know that that’s where they should put the gifts. Although in essence, it is just a sack, it’s the perfect storage spot and completely negates the awkward wandering around, gift in hand. The sack itself is quite pretty, and if put in a corner where no one will trip over it, it’ll make a lovely addition to the wedding celebrations. The sack comes with a brown string to tie it up after filled, so nothing spills out.


If you’ve asked for guests not to bring gifts, but still anticipate they will bringing cards, then this Vintage Affair hessian bunting with “cards” printed on in white is a lovely addition to your wedding. It’ll indicate to them where they can place their cards for you to collect at the end of the evening, and even be draped around a makeshift post box, so they can post them – children would probably find this quite a novelty, too! The bunting is 1.5 metres in length, and a beautifully elegant decoration that would look lovely in your reception area.


We hope this has given you some ideas for your card and gift storage for your wedding day!