Paper Pom Pom DecorationA wedding is what it is; a celebration of love and a joining of lives, “until death do us part”. The party that follows the wedding? A celebration of a celebration! Although it’s really the family and friends that you have around you celebrating your special day that matter, there’s certainly something to be said for the appearance of your celebration venue. We know as well as most how difficult it can be finding decorations that are just right for your wedding reception, many are just too much, or too boring! You want something fun without being over the top, don’t you? Check out our brilliant selection of wedding venue decorations that will make your special day look as good as it possibly can!


A common colour palette for weddings revolves around white; if this is something you’re planning to do with your wedding celebrations, you’ll want to take a look at our beautiful tissue paper pom-poms. They come in packets of five easy to assemble decorations, with instructions on the packet to show you how to fluff them up properly, so they couldn’t be easier to put together! These decorations have a surprisingly elegant appearance, considering they’re made of paper, and they are a wonderfully inexpensive way to give your reception venue a pretty look! These could be hung from the ceiling over the dance floor, or even over the dinner tables. These tissue paper pom-poms come in packets of five for £4.32 and are available here.


We know that not everyone wants their wedding to be an all-white affair, and even if it is, sometimes you just want a little bit of colour to add a point of interest. Our Paper Honeycomb decorations are great for this; we stock two different varieties for the greatest amount of colour choice. The Sorbet Mix is a combination of pink, peach and yellow, pretty bright-pastel colours to brighten up the room a little. The Macaroon Mix is a little more subdued, with pastel green, lilac, and a subdued brown shade making up the combination. We would especially recommend the Macaroon Mix if your wedding has a lilac or mint green theme, as these would complement the colour scheme brilliantly! Both the Sorbet Mix and Macaroon Mix Paper Honeycomb decorations contain three paper decorations, one of twelve inches, one of ten and one of eight. They are £6.48 each; Sorbet Mix available here, and Macaroon Mix available here. We think these decorations would be best hung from the ceiling, perhaps over the dance floor like the pom-poms!


If the Sorbet and Macaroon colours of the Paper Honeycomb decorations are something that appeals to you, but the shape isn’t, take a look at our Paper Fan decorations instead. They come in the same colours as the Honeycomb decorations, but in a pretty fan shape, instead. Each set contains a nineteen, a fourteen and a twelve inch fan, with each one being a different colour. Similarly to the other paper decorations, these would look brilliant hung from the ceiling, and would really add some fun to the room! The paper fan decorations are £6.48 for a packet of three. The Macaroon themed paper fans are available here, and the Sorbet coloured fans are available here