Whether you and your children are planning on heading away over the Easter half term holiday, or just staying at home and spending the school holidays there, we think the next half term activity we have to suggest to you is a brilliant choice either way. There’s something really satisfying about all of the messy arts, crafts and games, but that satisfaction quickly disappears when it comes time to clearing up all of the mess and the kids have run into the garden to play out there rather than helping you tidy up. Well, we do have a solution to this – a fun, mess free activity that will keep the kids busy for hours, and spare you the mess of their fun!


Water WOW!Water WOW
is a pretty brilliant idea, if we do say so ourselves. What it is, is a pen that you fill with water and then use to colour in the four reusable pages that come with each package. As you press the pen against the pages, you’ll see the bright colours appear on the page – all with water! When the water dries up from the pages, the colours disappear and they’re ready to be reused. Once the water runs out of the pen, just refill it and it’s ready to go again! It’s unlikely that you will have any spillages, but even if you do, it’s only water so there’s no mess and it’ll dry nice and quickly.


The Water WOW painting-with-water sets are brilliant fun. We have five different themes; vehicles, animals, numbers, alphabet and fairy tale themed. Each set comes with a water refillable pen, and four reusable pages; you can easily purchase more than one set to combine them and give your little ones even more options, and even more fun! Each of the sets cost £6.90, so they’re a nice and affordable fun activity for the children over the half term break.


If you are planning on taking the children away over the Easter holidays and are facing a long drive, or even plane journey with the kids in tow and are wondering what you can do to entertain them without the worry of them making a mess or irritating fellow passengers, the Water WOW sets are absolutely ideal. Due to the minimal risk of mess from the water pen and quick drying sheets, you’ll have no worries about them making a mess in the back of the car or on a plane, and they’ll have great fun colouring everything in over and over again while you make your way to your destination. Everyone wins!