Warrior knights dressing up outfitNow, we can't be completely certain, but we're fairly sure everyone loves dressing up, at least to some extent! The world would certainly be a brighter, and more colourful and interesting place if everyone chose to dress exactly how they wanted rather than simply how they thought they should! With that in mind, today we're talking about dressing up! We think children's dress up sets are absolutely brilliant, they allow them to pretend to be whatever they want to be that day, and have the clothes to match the character! We stock a brilliantly wide range of different dressing up outfits on the website, but the one we'll be focusing on today in particular is the Lucy Locket Warrior Knights Dress Up Outfit!


The Lucy Locket Warrior Knights Dress Up Outfit is an absolutely brilliant dressing up outfit, which is perfect for both knight themed parties, and for dressing up just for the sake of it! The outfit is brilliant fun for children, and we think boys in particular will absolutely love it! The dressing up outfit is “one size”, making it suitable for lots of children. The outfit is machine washable at forty degrees, on a delicates setting, so it won't matter too much if your little knight gets a bit dirty while they're off fighting the bad guys and saving the world!


The Lucy Locket Warrior Knights Dress Up Outfit is a wonderfully detailed dressing up outfit. The tabbard that goes over the body has a white shield on it with a satin cross on the front. The tabbard slips over the top of the clothes that your child is already wearing, so there's no worry about them getting too cold when they're wearing it. Along with the tabbard, the Warrior Knights Dress Up Outfit comes complete with a matching knights helmet, so children can get properly into character when they're pretending to be a knight!


Dressing up is a brilliant way to exercise children's imaginations, whether they're pretending to be a doctor, a fireman, or the warrior knight that this outfit facilitates! We know children will have amazing fun pretending to be knights, saving the world, hunting dragons and whatever else they can think of to do – their only limit is their imagination!


You can find the fabulous Lucy Locket Warrior Knights Dress Up Outfit here. The outfits costs £38.40. We hope your little ones have brilliant fun playing dress up!