Union Jack & Crown BuntingThe great British summertime is not only the season for barbecues, it is also the perfect time to start having garden parties, although there’s no reason why you can’t do the two together! Decorating your garden can be a little more difficult than decorating your house when it comes to parties, the risk of rain in Britain is ever present, after all! We think we’ve got some brilliant ideas for garden decorations that will make your garden parties the best of the best. We guarantee you’ll have some fantastic decorations that your guests will love!

Now the weather is starting to warm up a little bit, it’s the perfect time to start putting together the bits and pieces for the best summer garden party ever! What better decoration to include than some Union Jack themed bunting? We think bunting is the quintessential British party decoration, and you won’t get much better than this!

The first bunting is very traditionally coloured, with bright red, white and blue! It’s made of 100% cotton, so it’s a decoration you can invest in and know it will last. The decoration on each of the flags alternates between the Union Flag pattern and a crown, so it’s great for the patriots among us! The bunting measures four metres in length, and includes fifteen moveable flags so it’s completely customisable to what you’re looking for! The first bunting costs £29.94 and is available here.

The second bunting choice we stock is also Union Jack themed, the flags on this one are all the same, and are embroidered both front and back! This bunting is vintage inspired, and it shows in the colouring of the flags. We think this adds great character and appeal to the decoration! This bunting is also four metres in length and includes fifteen moveable flags. This decoration costs £23.94 and you can find it here.

Both buntings are made from 100% cotton, so are suitable for indoor use or outdoor use when it’s lovely and dry weather so they don’t get spoilt. We think these will make the perfect addition to your summer parties, and any parties you have for years to come!