Rockahula braceletsGifts can be a little bit difficult to figure out, especially if the children are getting to that “awkward age” that all children seem to reach at one point or another. We think jewellery is a pretty safe bet as a gift, and makes a lovely little present for girls of most ages.

We stock a brilliant range of Rockahula branded jewellery. They’re a lovely children’s brand who create and sell gorgeous jewellery and hair accessories which make fantastic gifts for girls! We have some great beaded bracelets and necklaces that we think younger girls would absolutely love! They can be worn alone, mixed and matched, or matched up in to sets. The beaded necklaces are £7.80 each, and the matching bracelets cost £6.84 for a set of two. Something they also make which would match beautifully with their necklaces and bracelets is a set of three flower themed rings, costing just £5.99 for the three! The rings are available here.

Alongside the great jewellery that Rockahula make, they also make some beautiful hair accessories that would look wonderful both for special occasions and just for day to day wear, to look a little bit more special! Included in this range are some gorgeous head bands which come in a variety of colours, and all have a lovely mini ribbon bow on them! Each headband costs £4.80 a piece, and would look lovely on any little girl. Alongside the hairbands, they also create a lovely range of hair clips. The clips also come in a lovely range of colours, corresponding to the hairbands and each have a little bow shape on them. The clips cost £4.20 for a pair, and prices can vary according to the style of clip you choose. There’s lots of choice!

Finally from Rockahula are these brilliant Ruffle Satin Ribbon Bow Clips. These are beautiful clips made of satin in the style of ruffle bows that come in a variety of colours. The clips are gorgeous and are perfect for special occasions; such as being a bridesmaid, or for a special party. These are a lovely quality and will make a wonderful gift for any younger girl! They come in a variety of different colours, so will match beautifully to any wedding colour scheme if bought for a bridesmaid. The Ruffle Satin Ribbon Bow Clips come in packs of two, cost £5.99 for two and are available here.

You can find the full range of Rockahula bracelets, rings, necklaces, hair clips and headbands here! The prices vary according to product, but are all brilliant quality and very affordable. Prices range between £4.80 and £7.80.