One of the most time consuming aspects of children’s parties are the party bags. What theme do you go for? What do you put in them? Then there’s putting them together ­- how many of us have the time for that these days? What if you could get a high quality, low cost alternative to putting the party bags together yourself? Here at Parties Wrapped Up, we aim to offer you just that!


Saving you the time spent trawling around the shops to find the best bags and contents, our pre-filled party bags come in many different themes, to suit the style of your child’s party. We offer boys, girls and unisex options, and even some pre­filled party bags for your toddler. Whatever the theme you choose, our bags come pre-­packed in a suitable bag, ready to take out of the box and hand straight to your partygoers.


The cost of putting together your own party bags can soon mount up. Although our pre-­filled loot bags vary slightly in price, our most expensive offering comes in at under three pounds, and prices start at just £2.06. These prices include a variety of contents as well as the bags that they come in, as well as the convenience of everything being put together for you! You can then rest assured that your child’s party bags will all be the highest quality and the best choice for your child’s party, and that they and their friends will all enjoy them.


Our pre-­filled party bags are themed, to match the style of your child’s party. Some examples of our themes include Thomas the Tank Engine, army themes, a dinosaur theme for both older and younger children, and a fairy theme for the perfect little girl’s tea party. Each of our bags contain six different items -­ a combination of sweets and small toys -­, with the additional bag that will hold them all. The amount of variety we offer ensures that we will have something perfect for every party!


Thomas the Tank Engine themed party bag


As a company, we aim to provide fun, time saving product combinations to help you organise your parties without the stress. All our items are of a high quality, but we try to provide them to you at a great cost, and we feel we achieve that with our pre­filled party bags. Everything will come to you in one box, ready to give out so you can relax and enjoy the party.


Our pre-­filled party favour bags save you the time and effort, leaving you free to enjoy your little one’s special day.