Pirate partyThemed parties are great, aren’t they? You loved them as a child, and chances are you still love them as an adult. The likelihood also is, if you have a little one, they’ll be a fan of a good themed party, too! We also love themes, and it’s something we think we do really well when it comes to our party stock. We’ve put together the definitive selection of everything you could ever need to throw the most fantastic pirate themed party! You might want to get a pen and some paper out, there’s a lot…

First and foremost when it comes to planning a party with a theme, you’ll need to find the right decorations for the occasion. For a pirate theme, there will of course be plenty of skulls, crossbones and eye patches in sight. Perhaps a ship or two, too! Covering all those bases is our Ahoy There Pirate Party Garland, which has every aspect of a fine pirate’s life you could ask for! It costs £7 and you can find it here. We’ve got plenty of options for your party decorations too, so be sure to have a look around! Here you’ll find everything you could possibly need for your pirate party, so have a click through!

Pirate party games probably aren’t the easiest thing to find, but our Pirate Pre-made Pass the Parcel game is a brilliant game to play at a party with a pirate theme. The main prize is a pirate pop-up game and a packet of Haribo, and each of the layers has a great pirate themed mini prize! The pass the parcel comes with eight layers initially, but can be customised to suit the number of children at your party. The game costs £15.95 and is available here.

Party bags are probably the one thing that children don’t mind about a party coming to an end. We’re well aware of how long it can take to find all the bits and pieces to put in to party bags (especially if you have a theme!), and all the extra time you have to put in to actually making the bags up. Our pre-filled party bags are a brilliant choice for any party, but we also stock a range of pirate themed party bags, so all you have to do is pull them out of the box and hand them to your party guests as they’re leaving! Our party bags are suitable for both boys and girls, and we have a couple of different variations so you can choose exactly what you’re looking for. They cost between £2.08 and £2.75 per bag, and you can find them all here.

If you’re going to have a pirate party, you’ll need to have a pirate there, won’t you? We’ve got a great dressing up range of pirate costumes for both girls and boys, so your little one can dress up and be the star of the party. You could even just use face paint to give your children an eye patch and a suitably pirate-y moustache and tattoo! 

We hope we’ve given you some great ideas for planning your pirate party!