One of the best things you can do with either family or friends – or even by yourself, if that’s what you feel like! – is to find somewhere pretty, take a picnic, and just spend the day chilling out in good company. Now the weather is warming up and we’re beginning to head towards the warmer spring and summer months, this is something we can see people doing more and more often. Because of this, and because we know many of our customers are hardworking parents and career folk, we’ve put together a great round-up of essential bits and bobs to take on a picnic with you, to save you time. The only thing we couldn’t do is make the food up and pack it for you - sorry!


No picnic is complete without fun plates and bowls to eat your yummy food off of – we know that you probably won’t want to take your china plates out with you, and not every household has plastic bowls and the like to hand, but our melamine offerings make brilliant picnic accompaniments. We’ve got a great selection of plates and bowls, made of this sturdy material (someone always gets a bit over-exuberant and knocks things over, so sturdy is definitely what you need for a picnic!) that will be great to eat whatever treats you’ve packed in your picnic basket from. The melamine plates and bowls are available here and cost between £5.76 and £8.10, depending on the option you choose!


Medium Ziplock BagsOkay, so you’ve got your plates to eat from, and your picnic basket to put all your food in, but it can’t go in loose, can it? Greaseproof paper is a great material to wrap your food in, especially if it can get a little bit messy, but no one really wants to wrap their food in plain brown paper, do they? Especially if it’s a picnic for a special occasion! We’d recommend trying out our Bake Sale Greaseproof Paper; it comes with four sheets of paper, in two designs (chevron, and spotty) – we think this paper is especially good if you’ve baked a gift for someone, but we’d use it regardless, because it’s so pretty! The paper is available here, for £4.32.


For food that you can’t necessarily wrap to transport (we’re thinking chopped fruit, maybe salad slices, things like that), the greaseproof paper certainly won’t be your best option, but our great printed zip lock bags certainly will be! The bags are medium sized, so brilliant for just separating out individual portions and just handing them out when you settle down to eat – it saves the washing up of taking Tupperware bowls out, not to mention they weigh less in your basket or bag, and they’re a very sanitary way to transport food. The bags come in a spotty pattern, and a “Casablancaprint” in blue, and pink. The bags are £3.80 for a set of thirty, and each pattern is available here.


We hope we’ve given you some great ideas for your next picnic!