Party games are an important part of any party, but especially children’s parties. After games like musical chairs, musical statues, musical bumps, you’ll probably want something to calm the kids down. Perhaps one of the most classic party games there is, and one that always comes to mind from memories of parties as a child is a pass the parcel. The excitement you felt every time the parcel came around to you, hoping the music would stop so you could tear off a layer of the paper and see what surprise was hidden underneath!


We understand the thought of preparing a pass the parcel game for a party is quite daunting - the tedious, time consuming wrapping, trying to find a fun prize to put in the centre of the parcel, putting together the little gifts between layers, finding a gift that everyone will like, tying yourself up in sticky tape trying to prepare the parcel on top of juggling else. Why not ignore that thought and let us help while you plan the rest of your party!


Our pre-wrapped pass the parcel games are all handmade, and just like our pre-filled party bags they are all themed and ready to go! A pass the parcel is a great addition for a party and ours will help save you so much time on preperation. Our children's pass the parcels come in a wide range of themes and prices start at just £14.95 for an eight layer parcel. Choose between 8 and 25 layers to suit the number of guests attending your party so that everyone gets a turn!


               Fun Gift pre-wrapped pass the parcel outer layer               Fun gift inner gifts   


The centre of the parcel contains the main prize, and there are smaller prizes wrapped in the other layers. The paper used to wrap each layer of the parcel differs so that children don't accidentally rip too many layers in their excitement! The last layer with the main prize is wrapped in a congratulations wrap so that you know that this is the last layer and the winning prize.


Who said pass the parcels are just for children though? In our range of pre-wrapped pass the parcel games, we also have a dinner party surprise pass the parcel. These pass the parcels start at £9.95 for 6 layers. The main prize in our dinner party pass the parcel consists of 6 party poppers (the number of poppers varies depending on the number of layers you choose) and a winners medal for the winner to wear proudly! Each of our themes contains a retro sweet and two fun games to play in each layer. An extremely fun dinner party game that your guests will love!


All of our pre-wrapped pass the parcels come with the option of adding more layers so they're customisable to the amount of people you are celebrating with. Try our fun, time saving, unique party games and enjoy your parties properly!