Parties mean party food, right? And party food means a mountain of washing up, or a pile of paper plates and cups to find, buy, and then throw away at the end of the night. There’s few party accessories more drab than the white cardboard plates and clear plastic cups that litter the tables when people are finished with them. If they don’t fit the theme of the party, then why have them? Well, because finding sets of tableware that goes together nicely can be difficult to source and immensely time consuming to put together. It’s easier just to go with the plain stuff, isn’t it?


Here at Parties Wrapped Up, we have a solution! In line with our company ethos of saving you time, and delivering you the very best quality in our pre­made bundles, we have a massive selection of tableware saver packs on our website for your choice. Like many of our products, we have a whole host of different themes and patterns for you to choose from, and they’re all very reasonably priced. There’s nothing like an interesting table spread at a party ­ and it doesn’t get any better than having it all put together for you. With our beautifully (or just really fun!) designed tableware saver packs, you’ll have the perfect finishing touch to any party, whether it be a party for your child, or a party for you.

Toot sweet spotty party tableware saver pack


Our wide range of tableware saver packs vary in prices starting from just £10.74 to £19.85 as a base price, based on eight or twelve guests, depending on the bundle you choose. There are options to increase the amount you receive in your bundles, depending on your need. The increases are in increments of eight, or twelve, again depending on the bundle you choose, and how many guests you have at your party ­ some of our bundles allow you to select a top number of thirty six guests, while others allow a top number of forty eight.. Each of our bundles come with cups, paper plates, napkins and a table cover (or multiple table covers, if you have a higher number of guests), with matching or complimentary designs of your choice.


Of course, our main aim in putting these bundles together for you is to save you the time and stress of having to do it yourself. We understand just how little time people have these days, and how much time and effort goes into all the finer details of a celebration, and we want to make that process easier for you. As such, all of our bundles come ready to just lay out on the table and get on with enjoying yourself fully. You can rest, or rather party, assured that you’ll have the highest quality provided for you and your party guests!