Regardless of the theme of your party, we think a great way to add an extra point of interest is just to have some decorations hanging around your venue, just to make it look that little bit more interesting. The pom-pom and fan decorations that we stock come in a brilliant variety of styles and colours and will make a brilliant addition to either parties, or weddings; especially now the weather is warming up – they’re perfect for summer!


Party DecorationsThe perfect kind of decoration for hanging at parties are pom-pom style decorations. The little balls look great, and they’re brilliant for brightening up a room, regardless of the celebration. Our honeycomb pom-pom decorations are especially good for parties; although the pastel colour options make a brilliant choice for weddings. The honeycombs are ball shaped, and each packet comes with three differently sized decorations, made of paper. The sizes are twelve inches, ten inches and eight inches – colours vary depending on the option you choose, but we think mixing and matching different colour sets is a great idea to add an extra bit of oomph to your party decorations! The cost just £6.48 for each set of three, and are available here. The colour options available are pink mix, sorbet mix, pastel mix, and macaroon mix – so plenty of choice to fit whatever theme you have in mind!


If a more neutrally coloured pom-pom decoration is more what you’re looking for, we have just the thing; our white tissue paper pom-poms or white snowflake decorations are particularly beautiful additions to wedding décor, due to their colour. The white pom-poms come in packets of five, and are 10cm in diameter for £4.32 available here. The snowflakes (perfect for a Christmas party or winter wonderland themed wedding!) come in packets of two for £4.45, and are available here. If you’re a bit on the artsy side, perhaps you could give spray painting some glitter on to the decorations a go, to make them truly one of a kind!


Although pom-pom decorations are brilliant and look fantastic at parties, fan decorations (which are really the category the snowflakes fall in to) make equally beautiful decorations. They come in the same macaroon and sorbet colour schemes as the honeycomb pom-pom decorations, so mixing and matching decoration style will definitely make your venue look gorgeous, and great fun to look at! They each come in packets of three for £6.48 and are available here.


If something with just that extra little bit of pizazz is what you’re looking for, our pinwheel decorations might just be it. Whereas the honeycomb and fan decorations are one flat colour, our pinwheels come in a variety of colours, and some have patterns on! These are especially good if you’re not decorating to any set theme, and just want your party to look nice. These are either £7.20 or £10 for the set, depending on which option you choose, and they’re available here – definitely worth looking at if you’re after something extra special!