Origami is a Japanese paper folding craft, different incarnations of which have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. The word comes from “Ori” meaning “folding” and “Kami” (which changes to “gami”) which means “paper” – so it pretty much does what it says on the tin! Origami is a craft that many people love to learn because it’s simple and inexpensive, and still allows you to make amazing creations, all just by folding paper!


We recognise how hard it can be to find things for children to do over the half term holiday, so what better time is there to teach them something new and have them making paper cranes? All you really need for Origami is paper to fold – we offer a great set of Origami paper, containing fifty one sheets, in seventeen colours, even in different finishes! The set also contains a step by step guide so you and your children will discover how to make basic Origami creations!

Origami Paper

Although you don’t need to decorate your Origami creations, especially since our Origami paper comes in such a variety of colours and finishes, we think decorating your creations will just add to your fun, and make them even more unique! We have appropriate bits for decorating your paper creations regardless of your children’s age. They could draw on and colour in their creations with our Melissa and Doug colouring felt tip pens – they come in twelve great vibrant colours, and are perfect for little ones to use as they don't roll! They’re suitable for children three years and older and cost just £3.42!


If your children are a little bit younger and you would rather not risk them getting hold of colouring pens and colouring in either themselves or the walls, we also have a few options of Melissa & Doug colouring crayons to use instead. They’re all triangular in shape, so are easy for little ones to hold, and sturdy enough that they can put pressure on them without worrying about them breaking. They are available in an original, Princess and Truck design, so your little ones can choose which ones they like best!


We think Origami is a brilliant arts and crafts activity for you to learn with your children, both for them and yourself, which will keep them busy for absolutely hours! It’s great fun, simple to do (once you know how!) and relatively mess free – you can make any of the beautiful paper creations that our how-to guide shows you, or even have a quick Google and find some new things to fold. We guarantee your friends and family will be really impressed with what you and your children have made! You could make a brilliantly fun and entertaining project out of folding some cranes and seeing who can decorate and create the best design!