You probably know by now that we're quite the fans of a good pass the parcel game and because of that we're constantly trying to come up with ideas for new themed pass the parcels. Well, we've got something new to show you today! Our Orianna Butterfly Pass the Parcel is brand new, and we love it! Of course, we think there's a good chance you'll love it, too, so we'll tell you a bit more about it.

Orianna Butterfly Pass The ParcelLittle girls love butterflies. They're pretty much universally loved anyway, but by little girls especially! With this in mind, we've put together a wonderfully pretty butterfly themed pass the parcel game – everything has a butterfly on it. Although the Orianna Butterfly pass the parcel is perfect for butterfly themed parties, and even just a regular girls' party, we think it'd also make a brilliant accompaniment to a fairy themed party! Who says those wings can't be fairy wings, right?


Orianna Butterfly Pass The Parcel ContentsAs we mentioned before, the contents of the parcel are almost exclusively (it's tough to find butterfly sweets, but the colour of the sweets match!) butterfly themed, and the paper that the parcel is wrapped in is covered in butterflies, too! The paper used is different colours, to prevent children ripping through more than one layer at a time – this is extra helpful when the little ones get a bit over excited!  Each layer of the paper contains a butterfly themed gift, and a fizzer sweet, unfortunately the sweets don't have butterflies on them, but the colours tie in perfectly! Girls will absolutely love this completely butterfly themed pass the parcel game, and you'll love the little bit of respite it gives you from all the running around!


We think that a pass the parcel is a great game to play at children's parties. It really does have the best of everything, and even gives the party guests the chance to win a little present of their own so they all feel included! It gives you music to listen to while the parcel is being passed around, and just gives a little bit of peace to the room while the children are playing together. It doesn't get much better than that!


The pre-wrapped pass the parcels start at eight layers as standard, with the option of adding more layers (each containing a brilliant butterfly treat) up to twenty five in total, so you can accommodate all your guests with butterfly fun. You can find our hand made Orianna Butterfly Pre-Wrapped Pass the Parcel here, and it costs £14.95 for eight layers!