Octo Olly Pass The Parcel      Octo Olly Pass The Parcel Contents

You probably know by now we think pass the parcel is a great party game for kids’ parties (and even some adult parties, if we’re honest!) and today we’ve got a new variation of our pre-wrapped pass the parcels to show you. Meet the Octo Olly Sealife Pre-Wrapped Pass the Parcel! Since pass the parcel is such a good game for quieting children down as the party starts to come to an end, we think it’s a must for all children’s parties, and now we’ve got an option that’s great for sea life themes parties! This particular pass the parcel game is a fantastic option for children’s parties, and we’ll tell you why.

Our pre-wrapped pass the parcel party games are the ultimate time saver when it comes to awesome games for children’s parties. Each of the parcels are hand wrapped, just like they would be if you’d made them yourself, but because we do it for you it takes you all of thirty seconds to take the parcel from the box and hand it to the child going first! The Octo Olly Sea Life Pass the Parcel is no different; the parcel comes as standard with eight layers, but you can add more layers up to twenty five layers in total so you’ll be able to accommodate all your guests and let everyone have a go at winning! The parcel is wrapped in high quality, brightly coloured wrapping paper, alternating colours after each layer so children don’t accidentally tear through more than one. This particular parcel has some very sophisticatedly dressed octopuses adorning it, which we’re sure both boys and girls will absolutely love!

The contents of the Octo Olly Sealife Pass the Parcel are perfect for any ocean themed party. Under each layer of octopus adorned paper is a sea life themed prize (including a pencil, sticker book, puzzle, and sea life creatures) and a sweet treat in the form of a fruit lolly. The main prize at the centre of the parcel is a fruit lolly and a “grow your own” fish – a brilliant prize which children will absolutely love!

A pass the parcel is a fantastic game for helping little ones to wind down after the excitement of the music and dancing at children’s parties, and we think they’ll especially enjoy the Octo Olly parcel, and you’ll enjoy not having to wrap it all yourself. Everyone wins!

We hope we’ve been able to give you a fantastic idea for a sea life themed party game for your next party. You can find the Octo Olly Sea Life Pre-Wrapped Pass the Parcel here, for £14.45 for eight layers.