You know when friends and family have babies that the world and his wife will be getting the baby a stuffed animal toy, and that’s kind of what you want to get them too? You also know that the baby will likely end up with more than one of the same teddy, as well… Molly the floppy eared rabbit fits your gift needs perfectly! Molly is a wonderfully soft stuffed rabbit. She’s 43 centimetres tall, and is suitable for little ones from birth. As she’s just a neutral colour, she’s perfect for both boys and girls, and will be a bit different from what everyone else brings the new born as a gift. She’s also machine washable, up to forty degrees, so if she gets a bit dirty it doesn’t matter much, and she’s very easy to keep clean – and important factor in baby’s toys!  

Molly RabbitAs you can probably guess, Molly is a children’s favourite, and kids absolutely love her. She’s super soft, and is, in fact, our best-selling soft toy! Although Molly is suitable from birth, we think she’d make a brilliant gift for children (and even adults who like soft toys) of all ages, whether that be for a birthday or another occasion. With Easter coming up soon, we think Molly would make a great alternative to the Easter Bunny, and a brilliant Easter gift for little ones!


Of course, Molly is a brilliant quality soft toy, and we think as long as she’s looked after well enough, she’s just the right type of toy to be kept around for years to come.