Mermaid Dress Up OutftDressing up is something that everyone loves to do. Not only children, but grown ups, too! We think it's great to encourage children's imaginations by allowing them to dress up in fun outfits, as their favourite characters, or even just in your clothes so they can play at being grown ups! For traditional dressing up outfits, we stock a broad range for both girls and boys so we have something great for everyone to choose from! Something that little girls tend to really enjoy dressing up as and pretending to be are mermaids, but these are outfits that it tends to be a little more difficult to find on the high street.


Our Lucy Locket Mermaid Dress Up Outfit comes in three different sizes; Infant dress up, for up to two years of age, size 3 years and size 4 years, so your little ones can dress up and feel wonderful! The infant dress is slightly different to the older children's dresses, however, but they're both beautiful.


The infant dress is made of satin, polyester, organza and nylon, and will swish beautifully as your little one pretends to swim like a mermaid. The dress includes a tail, so your little one will look like a mermaid swimming as they crawl along the floor. The dress is made up of pretty red, pink and green colours, and is a lovely little dress up outfit. The dress up outfit is machine washable, so there's no need to worry about it not being suitable for young children to wear in case it gets dirty. The infant dress is for children two years and upwards, and isn't suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts which may present a choking hazard. The Lucy Locket infant Mermaid Dress Up Outfit is £24 and available here.


The Lucy Locket Mermaid Dress Up Outfit for ages 3 and 4 is the same style; it's made of satin, polyester, organza and nylon like the infant dress, but is made up of a different colour scheme – the dress up outfit for older children is made up of blues, yellows and greens and looks absolutely lovely. The bodice on the dress shimmers prettily and the seashell embellishment adds to the overall mermaid feel. Like the infant dress, the older children's dress up outfit includes a skirt, and a mermaid tail so your little one will really feel like they are a mermaid! This gorgeous mermaid dress is also machine washable, and is brilliantly high quality so will last and last as your children enjoy wearing it. The dress for older children costs £48 and is available here.


We think both of our Lucy Locket Mermaid Dress Up Outfits are absolutely beautiful and will make brilliant additions to your children's dress up wardrobes – they're sure to love them, even if they're not overly fond of mermaids anyway! Happy dress up!