Make Your Own Jewellery KitsMaking your own jewellery is brilliant fun for people of all ages. Why not give your child the opportunity to learn a new skill or craft that’s amazing fun and will keep them fully occupied over the Easter half term holidays. We have a wide range of jewellery making kits suitable for people of all ages to use and enjoy!


Our range of jewellery making kits consist of complete sets to make friendship bracelets, some “berry” themed bracelet kits, and various bead sets that are more appropriate for younger children’s jewellery making endeavours. We think each of these kits are brilliant for girls of all ages to play with, and the separate bead kits are best for younger girls to play with. Most girls love making their own jewellery, and it’ll make a brilliant half term activity that’s great fun! These sets also make brilliant gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or even an Easter gift that you can then use as an activity. These jewellery making kits are brilliant to play with either alone or with other people – we think it’d be a great idea to make a bracelet making competition out of these products; see who can make the “best” bracelet, and reward them with a winner’s medal! If you can’t decide who made the best one, that’s fine – give everyone a medal, we won’t tell! The bracelet making would make a fun party game activity (and even make good party game prizes) as well as a fantastic half term activity.


A big positive of the jewellery making kits, especially for younger children, is that it can help improve and refine their motor skills, hand-eye coordination and even the concentration. The best part is, they’ll have great fun while they’re doing it!


All of the jewellery making kits and supplies that we stock are a brilliant fun, high quality product – we’ve already said what we think the kits and supplies would be good for, but why don’t you leave a comment telling us what you think they’d be good for? We’d love to hear from you! Our kits vary in price, theme and content, so it’s worthwhile having a search on the website and seeing which fit what you’re looking for the best, but the berry themed kits are £7.99 each, the Pippin friendship bracelet sets are £13 each, and we have various other bits and bobs for different prices – check them out!