When planning a party, if someone were to ask you to list the things you need to sort without really thinking about it, you would probably have “party food” in your top five, wouldn’t you? With something that is so high up the priority list of things to do, it should come as a surprise to discover that buying and preparing the food is one of the things that people tend to leave right to the last minute. Then they’ll head into the supermarket completely unprepared and wonder why they’re so uninspired for their party menu…


Something that’s fun for children and adults alike is making your own food, whether that be creating your own pizzas, baking, or something different. Something that’s especially fun, however, is when it’s really simple, something you can create with minimal mess and get finished up pretty quickly so everyone gets a turn! How about a mini ice cream sandwich maker to add to your arsenal of party tools (and “the kids have a week off, I need something fun to do with them” tools)? Not only will this nifty little device save you the task of finding something everyone will like for dessert, but it gives the children something extra fun to do, and the chance to make their own treats.


Ice Cream Sandwich MakerOur mini ice cream sandwich maker can make sandwiches in stars, hearts and circle shapes, so there’s a shape for everyone. It has no sharp edges, is completely safe for dishwasher use and is BPA approved; so it’s simple and safe enough that everyone can use it! All you have to do is decide what you want to use as your “bread”, we’d recommend using cookies, as they are soft enough for the maker to cut through properly, and the flavour of your ice cream, for your filling! You just cut your base, scoop in your ice cream and press it all together – it couldn’t be easier!


The mini ice cream sandwich maker comes with all the instructions you need, as well as some recipe suggestions for when you’re a little bit stuck for inspiration. Perhaps you could even create a party game out of it, and see who can make the best sandwich with a prize for the most imaginative! http://bit.ly/1BBZfft


Tips & Tricks

Although cake makes a perfect bread substitute for ice cream sandwiches, you could also try things like sweet bread, soft fruit, or even cake as your “bread”, to add a little more interest to your sandwiches!

Making a party game out of your sandwiches is a brilliant idea; why not try laying out a selection of “breads” and “fillings”, and challenging your party guests to come up with the tastiest (or most daring) combination. Offer a prize for the best, and you’ve got hours of entertainment right there – just watch the ice cream doesn’t melt!