You put a lot of effort in to selecting the perfect gift for your family and friends on their special occasion. Sometimes it takes you hours, days, or even weeks to decide exactly what it is you want to get them to make sure it’s absolutely perfect and fits their character perfectly. Then what do you do with it? You either wrap it up or stick it in a gift bag, don’t you? Once your present is all wrapped, the chances are it’ll blend in a little too well with the rest of the gifts that they’ve been given which is a shame! We think adding a little bit of personality and fun to the gifts you’ve wrapped is a great idea, not only is it fun for you, but it’ll look great when you hand it to your loved one on their special day!

Yippee Gift Wrap TapeAlthough you can pick out fancy gift wrap, or even design your own, we think our funky patterned gift tape look brilliant on gifts, and will really make them stand out! We stock a large range of fun patterned tapes, which you can either use to wrap your gifts, or simply to add a bit of extra interest to your gifts once they’ve been wrapped!

We have tape that’s perfect for Christmas, some which are brilliant for birthdays, and some you can use for any occasion – even a gift that’s “just because”. Each tape has either a brilliantly fun or beautifully elegant pattern on it, depending on the roll you choose, and they’re all just wonderful. They’re great quality, and will hold your gift paper together perfectly well so you’ll have no worries about it coming unwrapped just from being taken on a journey!

We think our fun patterned tapes are a great idea for wrapping up presents, but they could also be used to decorate cards that you’ve made yourself if that’s something you like doing! They’re a simple but effective decoration, and it’s something absolutely anyone can use. No artistic talent necessary!

Each one of our tapes are three yards long per roll, with one roll supplied per pack. They cost just £2.50 per roll and you can find all seven options here!