Did you have that odd phase that many children seem to experience where all they want to do is get their hands into anything with a strange texture? This usually ends with them playing in water, digging their hands into the squishiest mud they can possibly find, or worse – the contents of every shower gel, shampoo and conditioner bottle you’ve got stashed in the bathroom. This can be an absolute nightmare to clean up, and it’s something you really just don’t want to deal with, isn’t it? Well, try giving them a toy that will curb this desire to play with anything and everything, and not leave you with a mess to clean up. Gelli Play!


Gelli PlayGelli Play Slime Baff is pretty much what you’re expecting it to be, a gooey slime that goes into bath water, and turns the entire bath into slime! Kids love it, and at the end of bath time, it just goes down the plug hole, no mess, no fuss! The Gelli Play makes a brilliant gift for any children, adding so much fun to bath time! There’s no need to worry about Gelli Play irritating your children’s skin (although if they’re prone to allergies, perhaps to a skin test before dunking them in a whole bath of the stuff), as Gelli Play Slime Baff is non-irritant, free of any harmful chemicals, stain free and completely environmentally safe – so you’ll have no guilt about flushing it down the plug hole!


Gelli Play Slime Baff comes in three different colours, Oozy Red, Gunky Green and Goo Blue – you could try mixing the colours up, if you were feeling particularly adventurous! Not only can the Goo make your bath different colours, it also comes in a Cola scent... How much more fun can a bath get?!


If a whole bath of slime water isn’t quite what you’re after, we also have Gelli Play that just makes a load of goo to play in (5g of Gelli Play will make a litre of goo!) – just pop it into a bowl, create your goo and get messy! The Gelli Play packets (not Gelli Play Slime Baff) come with a goo dissolver, to ensure that everything washes off properly when it comes time to pack things away. The Gelli Play comes in either green or red, and is unscented.


We think that each of the different types of Gelli Play makes for a brilliant gift for children of either gender, and as always with our gift ideas, they’d make a brilliant prize for a party game! Good luck getting the children to wait to play with it, though! We suggest that children under the age of five are properly supervised when playing with either of the Gelli Play slime options, but we think you could have a lot of fun with the goo, too!