Football is a brilliant choice of theme for parties! Whether you're looking for a theme for children's birthday parties, or if your family is just really in to football and you like to have parties when your team is playing, it works great! Having fun and playing games is an important part of having parties, so we've got a couple of brilliant options for football themed party games. One of these is pretty versatile, so you can get a couple of different games from it! For some great ideas for football themed party games, read on...


Football pass the parcelThis one is probably best for football themed birthday parties, or more traditionally styled parties, it's our hand made Football Fun Pass the Parcel - a fabulously fun football themed party game! All you have to add is music, and there you have it – a fully formed game, ready to play! These parcels are all hand made and pre-wrapped, with each layer containing a little prize, and the centre layer containing the main prize. Of course, both the wrapping paper and the prizes themselves are football themed, so they'll fit perfectly with your party theme. The parcels are made up of eight layers initially, and are customisable depending on how many layers you require! Each additional layer will include a small football themed prize. The handmade Football Fun Pass the Parcel game is available here for just £12.95 for eight layers.


Although not technically football themed, we have a great accessory that would make a brilliant addition to any football themed party. Our Melissa and Doug Activity Cones will give you endless options for outdoor party games – or indoors, if you have a lot of indoor space! You're limited only by your imagination. The set comes with eight cones, in four different colours and two different textures (so no two cones are exactly alike!), the dimensions of the cones are 9.5' x 5.5' x 5.5', and they're made from a brilliant sturdy plastic, so they'll last well through all weathers! The set of eight cones is available here, for £14.39.


There's loads of games you can play with the cones! One of the more basic uses for them would be simply using them as goal posts during your football game, but you can do a lot more than just that with them. You could lay them out around your garden to practise dribbling through them – you could make a race out of this and give the winner a medal at the end! Another great use for the cones would be using them as markers for people to stand on and see how many times they can header the ball to each other, or pass it – things like that! Whatever you can think of, you can do!


We hope we've given you some great ideas for things to do at your football themed parties!