Themed nurseries are lovely for new babies, and providing elements of a theme to new parents makes a great gift for them, perhaps for a baby shower, or just for the sake of giving a gift! Of course, you could always just buy these items for your own child’s nursery, too!


A farmyard nursery theme is perfect for baby boys and baby girls; it’s a great theme for when they’re very little, just for extra visual stimulation, but also as they get a little bit older, you can use the decorations on their walls and accessories to teach them about different farmyard animals, and the sounds they make. Decoration can be a real investment for the future! With this in mind, we’d like to suggest a few bits that would make brilliant additions to a child’s bedroom or nursery, and would make great gifts for new babies.


Farmyard Cot BlanketOur hand knitted, 100% cotton, farmyard themed cot blanket is wonderful either as a gift or a finishing touch to a nursery. The blanket is decorated in blue, with a farm scene, featuring a green “grass panel”, a sheep, a tractor, a cow and an apple tree. The blanket measures 75 x 105 cm making it a great size for little ones to snuggle up in. The blanket is available here, and costs £33.55. This blanket makes a great gift, and we think both little ones and parents will appreciate it!


The perfect addition to the hand knitted farmyard cot blanket is our farmyard themed bunting! Although bunting is traditionally used as a party decoration, it can make a great addition to bedroom or nursery décor, and is great to use as an added point of interest in a room. Our Farmyard themed bunting is four metres in length, and made from cotton. The bunting is green, blue and red in colour, and is embroidered with sheep, trees and tractors. The bunting is an adorable addition to bedrooms and nurseries, and will go brilliantly alongside the hand knitted blanket. The bunting costs £17.18 for one four metre length piece of bunting, it is available here.