With it still being Easter half term and it nearing the end, we can almost hear children saying "I'm boreeeeed!" No one wants bored children moping around the house and it’s easy enough to think that your only option is to plonk them in front of the TV or hand them over to the games console while you get on with what you have to fit in to the day... but we have some other ideas for you!


Dino Spikes ring tossWe have some brilliant ideas for party games that will double up as brilliant entertainment for the kids during the Easter holidays, keeping them entertained and giving you a chance to polish off any bits you need to get done. Dino Spikes Ring Toss is one of these games! The basic premise of the game is a dinosaur silhouette with spikes – a stegosaurus, probably, but we’ll let you and your little ones decide exactly what he is – and some hoops, the hoops are thrown in the hopes of landing one around a dino spike – it’s as simple as that! The game can be played either outside – though we recommend you don’t leave the set up outside in extreme weather conditions as it will compromise the colour and structure of the toy – or indoors if you have a big enough room.


The game comes with your dinosaur, three rings in different sizes and stands – or legs – to keep your dinosaur steady. The game can be played alone or in groups, either way its brilliant fun! The game will challenge and improve children’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills, particularly in younger children, so you’ll be providing them with a beneficial way to pass the time as well as hours of fun.


We think the Dino Spikes Ring Toss makes a fantastically fun game no matter what the occasion, but it would make a brilliant addition at a barbeque or party and as the game is suitable for anyone three years and older, everyone can play, regardless of age!