A pass the parcel is a great game to play at parties. It has everything you could want at a party; music, fun, everyone playing together, and a bit of respite for those supervising the parties from the little ones running around everywhere! Pass the parcel games can take quite a bit of time to prepare – sourcing the toys and treats to go inside, choosing a main prize, deciding on the wrapping paper you'd like to use and then wrapping it all up – all of those minutes add up and before you know it, you've lost a few hours! Our pre-wrapped pass the parcels are a fantastic time saving option for busy parents wanting to throw their little ones fantastic parties, and the Dennis the Menace themed parcel is a great one.


This hand made and wrapped pass the parcel game is a brilliant game to play at parties, it's brand new and exclusive to us, so you may be one of the first to get it! It's all wrapped and ready, so all you need to do when it comes time to play the game is remove it from the box and give it to the starting person in the parcel ring, and hit play on the music! Boys especially will absolutely love this fun party game, and think it's a great addition to their party!

                      Dennis the Menace Pass the Parcel   Dennis the Menace Pass the Parcel Contents

The parcel comes as standard with eight layers; seven of the layers contain a small prize consisting of a small toy and a tongue painter lolly, and the main prize of a hand buzzer and a tongue painter lolly – lots of fun for your party guests to play with! Although the parcel comes with a minimum of eight layers, this can be increased if the number of your guests requires, to twenty five in total to accommodate everyone.


The brilliantly fun Dennis the Menace Pass the Parcel game is the perfect party game for boys' birthday parties, regardless of the theme you've chosen for it! The high quality wrapping paper used to wrap the layers alternates layer after layer to prevent children mistaking the separate layers and tearing through one at a time – helpful when they're a little excited and over-exuberant!


The Dennis the Menace themed pre-wrapped pass the parcel costs £15.45 for eight layers, with the option to increase the number of layers up to twenty five in total, and you can find it here. Happy party planning!