Cakes and cupcakes make the perfect addition to parties; they can be given as gifts, or perhaps even in place of favour bags. The problem with cupcakes, particularly ones with lots of fancy decoration, is transporting them. Well, we think we have the perfect solution for any cupcake transportation problems you may encounter – cute little cake boxes! These boxes make an especially nice addition to giving cupcakes as gifts, but are also great for replacing party bags.


Cupcake Box

Our Patisserie Cake Box is just one of many cake and cupcake boxes we offer. It is a small, beautifully decorated cupcake box with a removable tray that holds a single cupcake. The box itself is styled to look like a miniature cake shop, decorated in pastel colours and embellished with a beautiful red ribbon bow and even shutters (which open and close!), to add to the miniature shop effect. The box dimensions are 3.5 x 3.6 x 6.25 inches, the perfect size to transport a cupcake! The boxes also have a cute gift tag, so you can personalise each of your cupcake boxes, just how you want them. Each of the packages of the Patisserie Cake Boxes contain 4 boxes, for £8.39.


Although decorating your cupcakes with some swirly icing and sprinkles is more than enough to make them that little bit more special, we really like the idea of adding a pretty cake box into the mix, just to amp it up a little bit more! The best part of it is, the only effort you have to put in is making the cupcakes (although, you could sneakily buy those too, we won’t tell!) – we’ve done the rest of the work for you, just pop it into shape, write your card, place your cupcake in and you’re ready to go; a perfect gift or party favour in minutes!



• If you are baking and decorating your own cupcakes, you could try using decorations that are similar in colour to the cake box that you are also using to make the themes tie together nicely

• You could use our cupcake boxes to hold cupcakes as wedding favours, as well as party favours. The pretty, elegant themes lends themselves to this use beautifully