Having a baby is one of life’s most significant milestones, and certainly something that deserves to be celebrated. A baby shower is the perfect way to do that, not only does it give your friends and family the opportunity to come and celebrate with you; it gives you the chance to really feel like something important is happening to you and celebrate it properly yourself. You should really enjoy your baby shower! We know how important the right atmosphere is to these sorts of celebrations, and that’s why we have put together the perfect pack of decorations and party accessories in our baby shower bumper pack to make planning your party (or a surprise party for someone else!) that much easier. http://bit.ly/1D979nx


Baby on Board


Our super cute Baby on Board baby shower bumper pack is all “Baby on Board” branded, so there’s no need to worry about finding bits and pieces that fit together to create a theme, we’ve taken care of that for you! The package can be amended according to how many guests you have coming to your party, but the basic package is tailored to eight guests, and costs just £24.15. The Baby on Board bumper pack includes one pack of eight plates, one pack of twenty napkins, a “mum to be” sash, a lovely Baby on Board garland, a Baby on Board baby shower trivia set that all of your guests can play, and a pack of glitter candles that spell out “baby shower.” Discounted bundles are available for more guests, and we can provide sets which provide for up to 32 guests!


The theme of the Baby on Board baby shower bumper pack is very whimsical and pretty; with fluffy clouds and cute birds adorning the decorations to make your party look pretty and feel very special. This great pack even includes a sash for the mum to be to wear to make sure everyone knows it’s her special day!


The Baby on Board baby shower bumper pack aims to give you all the essential elements of your baby shower party in a convenient, time saving bundle; making planning your party an easy process, and you can rest assured that all you’ll have to do is open a box and get everything out!


Tips & Tricks:

Although our bumper pack comes with all the essentials you’ll need for your party, you can always add any extras you think you might need from our baby shower collection – how about these cute cupcake decorations