Arts and crafts are a brilliant source of entertainment for both children and adults. Because there’s such a range of things your children can create, either with your help or by themselves, there’s so many possible ways you can use crafting to keep kids entertained and having plenty of fun. We have got some great products that are sure to give your kids hours of fun, and loads of ideas for things you can do with them to keep them occupied!


You would be hard pressed to find a child who tells you they don’t like at least some form of arts and crafts; kids absolutely love them! Not only are kids generally quite entertained by the art of creating things, but it’s a great way to keep your little ones busy when the weather isn’t so great outside, with that in mind, our range of crafting and art goodies is the perfect thing to look in to for supplies and inspiration.


bookmark scratch artAlthough not your traditional “art or craft”, Scratch Art is brilliant fun for people of all ages, and so easy to do! Your children can make beautiful, fun pictures that will keep them occupied for hours on end. We offer a wide range of scratch art sets, such as bookmarks, magnetic photo frames, bracelets, key chains, and just your traditional princess picture – the sets contain multiple Scratch Art items, so it’s a fun activity that your children can do with their siblings or with their friends. You could even make a little competition out of the designs, and award the best design with a winner’s medal!


In line with our more crafty supplies, we also stock a couple of different “clothes plasters” sets, one of which includes five deep blue sea themed iron on patches, and one including six iron on disco themed patches. These sets are perfect for letting your children design their own t-shirts – grab some cheap t-shirts from the shop, some fabric paint and some clothes plasters, and let them design away – we guarantee they’ll absolutely love it and will be showing their t-shirts to everyone!


A great activity to do with children over the half term holidays is scrapbooking. All you need for this is a camera, a pad of plain paper - such as our Doodle Pad - and some things to decorate the pages with. We have sticker pads, coloured pens and crayons, so you’ll be able to find suitable decorations for all ages. Just snap some photos of your children throughout their holidays, and get sticking. It’s a project that they’ll have great fun doing, and a brilliant crafty activity for all the family to take part in!