Dressing up isn’t just for Halloween! Sometimes you just can’t think of the perfect theme for your child’s party, and you need something quick and simple, just to get the ideas rolling. Perhaps then you opt for dressing up, and then realise you can’t find the type of costume your child would want to wear, or they just don’t want to wear a whole costume - why not try our dressing up animal hat & tail sets! They’re a very cute, fun idea, and great for everyone to enjoy!


Elephant Hat & Tail Costume

Our dressing up animal hats are pretty perfect for any zoo themed party - or just dressing up as a zoo animal! We have a wide range of hat and tail costumes available to choose from a teddy bear, a shark, a crocodile and many more!


All of our dressing up animal hats are suitable for both girls and boys to wear. They’re suitable for all ages, too - and are elasticated at the backs so they will fit all sizes, and they’re made of a gentle enough material that your toddler can comfortably wear them, too! We think teddy bear dress up sets are especially cute for the little ones. With our dress up sets, you can take your little ones (and not so little ones!) to their parties in style.


Each one of our dressing up animal hats and tail sets are perfect for fancy dress and zoo themed parties, they are completely ideal to give as gifts to any children you know who are fans of dressing up, or even just a big fan of a certain type of animal. In each of the sets, you will get the head and tail from the creature of your choice. The tail sets attach easily to an adjustable velcro strap that wraps around the child’s waist. Each of our dress up animal sets are made by hand, and are absolutely beautiful, perfect for girls and boys fancy dress.


Whether you’re looking purely for a dress up set, or are looking for a lovely gift for a child you know, we’d definitely recommend our high quality, affordable dress up sets. They really are perfect for everyone! http://bit.ly/1sGK3d5