Although indoor parties are always brilliant fun, with the weather set to warm up pretty soon, outdoor parties will be on the up, and indoor party games aren’t always suitable for outdoors (we don’t know about you, but musical bumps on the ground outside isn’t something we’d like to try!). Of course, some people like to get a bouncy castle or something similar for their garden parties, but we think games that get everyone on their feet, involved and having fun can’t be beaten – check out our activity cones for some great party fun!

Melissa & Doug Activity Cones

 Our activity cones by well-known children’s toy brand Melissa and Doug come in packets of eight. They’re made of an incredibly sturdy plastic, and are very durable. They come in four different colours, and two different plastic textures (some have squares on, some have circles), so each cone is unique! The colours in the plastic are fade resistant, so will stay looking bright and bold for a long time! The cones are 9.5’ x 5.5’ x 5.5’ in dimension, so plenty big enough for outdoor – or indoor, if you have enough space! They are perfect for keeping children entertained in half term as they can create so many fun games to play using the cones and burn off some energy!


The activity cones are perfect for outdoor games, for example relay races with friends; a musical chairs type game, but using the cones instead, or perhaps throwing small hula hoops over the cones as target practice! You’re only limited by your imagination, and we think the cones would be great fun at a party. If you decide to play some competitive games with the cones, you could reward the winner with one of our winner’s medals.


If a party isn’t quite what you had in mind for the cones, you could replicate all sorts of party games just with your children at home. The cones are a great way to keep kids entertained outside either at the weekend, after school or in half term. They’re portable enough that you could even take the cones to the park – perhaps to play a game of football with your cones marking the goalposts! Even if you can’t think of a game to play, we’re sure the kids will think of something, just hand them the cones and let them figure out what to do with them! It’s a great way to keep your little ones, and perhaps even yourself, active.